Soul Stone remastered

Recently I went back to my share of the project I started working at Syn Studio with my colleages Joakim and Juan. There could be done a lot more, hopefully I will find the time.



Recently I had the priviledge to work for the latest edition of the Marc Miller's classic RPG game Traveller. 
 It was a great experience to work with Jeff Yin and Horizon Games and I hope we will have a chance to work together again soon!
This is the link to the Kick Starter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1587896607/traveller-customizable-card-game


Line-of-action.com Class 4. 30 to 60 seconds poses

Happy to be busy with some commission work but I really want to keep pushing my hability to draw human form and my skills with the tablet so I will find time to keep doing these.


Class2 in line-of-action.com

  Second session in line-of-action.com. I'm very happy to have discovered this site, is going to be really helpful to improove my painting skills and anathomy knowledge.

  Only small issue that I have found is that I think their stock of images is a bit limited. Not surprising since is a free site.


Figure drawing session with line-of-action.com.

Figure drawing session with line-of-action.com.
Batch of 2 minutes poses reviewing the lessons from Samantha Youssef during the last Gathering of Masters at Syn Studio École d'art in Montreal.
The whole event was an amazing experience for me.
Still feeling a bit rusty regarding figure drawing but is a great exercise so I will add this to my schedule.



 So I have been working recently on my vehicle design skills, something that I have been willing to do for a long time. I really hope to be able to do this regularly as long as the client work allows me :)



Chibis done in collaboration with the IKKO project for the G-anime 2017 in Gatineau, Quebéc. This was the chance I was waiting for to try for the first time some chibi style of design and also a good opportunity to exercise simplification of shapes in character design. It was really fun to do! I have no doubt I will repeat as soon as I have the chance.